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Rapper Mase Gets Diddy to Release Him From Bad Boy Live On Radio


Photo of Diddy and Mase
Rapper Mase born Mason Durell Betha, 34, went on radio unscheduled on Atlanta’s V103 during an interview with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Dirty Money (consisting of Dawn Richards, Kaleena and Diddy himself) to request that he be released from his Bad Boy Records label.

While Diddy and Dirty Money were being interviewed by Ryan Cameron, the former protege of Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) appeared to hand Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs a document which he reviewed and then signed.

According to Diddy, Mase has the freedom to do as he wishes and anyone looking for the features can now do so.

“People have felt like our situation I made has stopped him, whatever. He can do whatever he wants to do,” says Diddy.

Meanwhile, Mase on the other hand, states that it took him 10 years to get his paperwork and he doesn’t know what he’s going to put out now and says he’s not use to Diddy doing good stuff.

In other news, Mase who is reported to be a minister was in the news in August for allegedly making an indecent proposal some time ago to R&B singer K. Michelle of HiTz Committee. According to MemphisRap.com, K. Michelle claimed that rapper/minister Mase tried to sleep with her after luring her to Atlanta allegedly claiming he was interested in signing her on for her talent.

The singer is quoted as saying that she had nothing but her son and music, and believed Mase to be her blessing.

“All I can say is f*ck Mase. Mase.. On my life, when I got to Atlanta, he tried to have sex with me. I have no respect for this man,” stated K. Michelle.

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