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Rapper DMX Not Allowed To Perform, Colorado Show Turns Into Riot


Picture of rapper DMX
After rapper DMX wasn’t allowed to perform at a show in Colorado Springs on Friday, October 16, 2009, put on by a non-profit organization, it seems that the fans got rowdy and started a riot.

Reportedly DMX wasn’t allowed to access the stage after he arrived late to his performance which was scheduled at 9:30 PM. DMX is stated to have arrived at 11:00 PM and by the time he had arrived, fans had already been notified that he wasn’t coming.

Rapper DMX attempted to make his way on stage, but security denied him access which resulted in him becoming furious with the security who threatened to arrest him after the two clashed.

DMX insisted that they let him perform because he had been paid, but the security guards refused.

“If you try to step on that stage, I’m gonna arrest you right now,” one security guard told DMX.

“You ain’t no police,” an angered DMX stated as a woman from his entourage tried to stand in his way which he her pushed back.

“You’re not stepping on that stage,” the security guard came back and told him once again.

“Why not? I was paid to perform,” added DMX.

The security guard goes into telling DMX that he was suppose to be there at 9:30 and now it’s “f*cking 11:00″ and he’s not going on.

The cameraman then tells the security guard that he should let X on stage or he’s going to have a riot on his hand, and the security guard tells him that they already have a riot.

“Get the f-ck out now,” another security guard tells the cameraman.

DMX tells the cameraman to keep the camera rolling, which the cameraman ensures him that he got him.

The rapper still reportedly attempted again to make his way on stage which resulted in him getting taken down by security and this allegedly resulted in fans becoming outraged and joining in and creating a melee.

Meanwhile, every thing seems to still be getting pieced together, but according to reports, DMX was denied to perform because his performance fee couldn’t be fully covered. DMX, born Earl Simmons, is stated to have been paid a deposit, however the remaining amount couldn’t be covered, so American Charities nicked his performance.

Check out DMX attempting to perform for fans, but getting denied after arriving late.

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