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Tila Tequila Slams Merriman, Chris Brown On Twitter; Brown Responds


Photo of Tila Tequila and Chris Brown
Reality star, model and singer Tila Tequila born Tila Nguyen was twittering up a storm and took jabs at San Diego Charger’s Shawne Merriman who she signed a citizen’s arrest warrant on for battery and false imprisonment on last Sunday, September 6, 2009, as reported on HipHopRX.com, as well as she slams singer Chris Brown in her tweets who was charged with assaulting Pop music singer Rihanna by calling him and Merriman both “p*ssies.”

Over the weekend, Tila Tequila boldly took to her Twitter page and displayed her anger by tweeting due to the fact that the NFL’er Shawne Merriman’s charges did not stick against him and were thrown out by the District Attorney in San Diego.

In one of her posts on her mini-blog she got vulgar and stated that the two should be “ass raped in prison” and called them pathetic excuses of a man.

“P-ssy ass b-tches is what they are,” Tila Tequila reportedly wrote.

Tila Tequila went on to call them [@mechanicaldummy, @ShawneMerriman] cowards that beat women and they are not men at all.

Chris Brown who has been somewhat silent during the entire twittering replied to Tila Tequila’s Twitter rant by after he heard that she kept bringing his name up.

“Your 15 seconds of fame has ended,” Chris Brown told her. The singer also told her not to try to gain fans by dissing him which ended with Godbless.


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