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T-Pain Takes A Jab at Jay-Z Due To D.O.A., ‘Claims He Was Snubbed’


Photo of T-Pain and Jay-Z on stage
It took the ‘Big Ass Chain‘ wearing T-Pain a minute to respond to Jay-Z after the release of his song ‘D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)’ which makes mention of T-Pain’s name and takes a jab at artists and other music producers who rely on the musical pitch correcting plug-in (Auto-Tune) by Antares Audio Technologies which helped catapult T-Pain’s career which started a trend of hundreds and possibly thousands to follow in his footstep utilizing the plug-in in Hip-Hop music.

On Sunday, while in Las Vegas at Hard Rock’s pool better known as Rehab, it seems that T-Pain felt it was the perfect moment to express how he actually felt about Jay-Z’s track ‘D.O.A.’ despite joining him on stage back in June.

Allegedly after the stage appearance in June for the Hot 97′s Summer Jam, T-Pain states that he was snubbed by Jay-Z which one would think may have helped contribute to his recent outburst.

While in Las Vegas, T-Pain went on to say that Jay-Z is the one that is old and exaggerated about Jay-Z’s age calling him 59 years-old. As crucial as it might sound, T-Pain jokingly says, “…I think if anything is dead, it should be him…” which caused the crowd to have a mixed reaction as celebrity artists such as Rihanna and Fabolous stood in attendance.

Now Jay-Z’s take on this may be what you’d expect… calm and direct. On the Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg show, Jay-Z only replies about the incident saying, “I hope he had fun saying it.”

Since Jay-Z’s response, T-Pain has replied back and says there’s no beef between the two and they’ve spoken since his comments after he attempted to get in contact with him previous times to see if Jay-Z was attacking him.


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