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Chris Brown Violates Probation; Mom Speaks, Not ‘Ashamed’ of Her Son


Photo of RnB singer Chris Brown
Singer Chris Brown just days after being sentenced for the assault of then girlfriend Rihanna has allegedly broken the terms of his probation by violating the law after being exposed for hanging out in a 21 and up nightclub and bar where he was not scheduled to perform — something Chris Brown is forbidden to do because he is not of legal age, 21.

Chris Brown is, as an entertainer, allowed to perform in a club even though he’s underaged so long as he is scheduled on a performance — which according to sources Chris Brown was not scheduled to perform on the night of the 25th at 21 and up venue Guys & Dolls Lounge in L.A., just hours after the singer was sentenced in court.

Since being exposed for partying at the 21 and up establishment without being booked to perform, the Los Angeles Probation Department has stated that, if true, this “won’t be taken lightly,” according to E! News.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, has spoken up since his sentence and wants the world to know that no matter what others think, she will never be ashamed of her son as she stated in an interview with US Weekly.

Photo of Chris Brown and his mother Joyce Hawkins

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