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Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Bodyguard Charged By Police In Paparazzi Assault


Photo of Beyonce Knowles bodyguard throwing paparazzi tripod in the ocean in Croatia
Rapper and label CEO Jay-Z and wife Beyonce’s bodyguard identified only as Julius is stated to have been charged for throwing a tripod of a paparazzo into the Ocean after the tripod was first thrown at him in what looks to be an attempted assault by a paparazzo in Dubrovnik, Croatia, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

The whole incident was caught on camera as in the video Jay-Z and Beyonce can be seen walking the streets of Croatia preparing to board a boat while the bodyguard seemed to be fighting off paparazzi blocking their camera with a bright light and seemingly encouraging the paparazzi not to run behind him and to stay their distance.

Meanwhile, the paparazzi who threw the tripod could have possibly been threatening to throw something for a while as you can hear in the video someone which may be Jay-Z saying to the bodyguard that, “If he hits you with that camera, f-ck him up,” in the background.

Reportedly, police charged the bodyguard with assault and for damaging the paparazzo equipment in which he was allegedly questioned along with 57-year-old Dragan Banovic who is responsible for lunging the tripod at him.


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