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Rapper The Game Disses Jay-Z’s Fans; Under Investigation For Assault


Photo of The Game Dissing Jay-Z Fans On Stage In London
Rapper The Game is taking stabs at Jay-Z again, this time targeting a couple of Jay-Z fans who he brought live on stage and ridiculed them for their love of Jay-Z.

One guy, The Game claims couldn’t be a real Jay-Z fan because Jay-Z doesn’t like guys with tight jeans (skinny jeans), while another fan he ridiculed for stealing Jim Jones’ swag and the last fan, The Game mocked him for his Harry Potter resemblance.

This is one of many times The Game has taken to the stage now and dissed Jay-Z while on tour overseas.

On the last occasion, as reported on HipHopRX.com, The Game, dissed Jay-Z live on stage to Jay-Z’s “Death of Autotune” song.

In other news, The Game is reportedly under investigation after a fan allegedly was assaulted by a member of the rapper’s entourage, according to authorities, at the Liverpool’s O2 Academy on last week. The fan allegedly received a broken cheek after trying to hop his way on stage to take a photo of the rapper.

Check out The Game dissing Jay-Z fans will in concert in London.

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