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Watch The Hot and Steamy ‘Sex(y) Tape’ Of Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry!


If you thought the photos of Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry kissing and ‘getting freaky’ were hot, wait until you see the video below! The infamous make-out session between Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry has made it’s way online in video form now! As reported on HipHopRX.com just three week ago, sexy photos of the two, Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx, kissing with tongue action and getting a little freaky hit the net showing Halle Berry grabbing on Jamie Foxx’s package, and Foxx grabbing on Halle Berry’s sexy and firm booty!

The comedian, singer and entertainment television award presenter at Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice” Awards was expecting a little surprise from Halle Berry but, according to Foxx, he had no idea that she was going to lay the ‘tongue action’ down on him like that, but he ‘doesn’t mind at all’!

Halle Berry was getting even and she was using Foxx to get even “after she won the (2001) Oscar” and “Adrien Brody came up and laid a little tongue on her,” according to Foxx who says he was a bundle of nerves at first but ‘rolled with it’ after quickly realizing he was kissing Halle Berry.

“I almost froze but I said, ‘Think quick Foxx,’ and I got into it… she really gave it to me and I appreciate that,” stated Foxx.

The hot and steamy makeout session between Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx was when Berry was honored with the Decade of Hotness award presented to her by Jamie Foxx and the ‘freaky session’ only lasted but a minute but for Foxx, we’re sure it will last a lifetime!

Check out the video of Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx making out and kissing at Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice” Awards!!

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