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Hurricane Chris With MempHitz, Method Man, Soulja Boy; Talks New Album

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Picture of Hurricane Chris and MempHitz
Hurricane Chris hangs out with MempHitz for a video taping on BET’s music show “The Deal.” The rapper also chops it up with rappers Method Man and Soulja Boy.

“5150, you know what it is, we doing ‘The Deal’ in New York City… we shooting it in the barber shop live,” the rapper says in the video which goes to him talking with New York rapper Method Man.

“…you can fry an egg on my motherf-cking drawers n-gga that’s how hot it is,” Method Man says about the block in which the two are standing on.

More into the video, Hurricane Chris talks with MempHitz about his new single “Stupid With It” or possibly spelled “Stoopid Wit It,” working on a single with Bobby Valentino, as well a new mixtape he’s done with Lil Boosie entitled “Bad Ass Hurricane” during the taping of “The Deal.”

In related news, the rapper is currently gearing up to release his forthcoming album “Unleashed” which is currently scheduled to drop in July.

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