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Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama No. 3, Model and Actress Lauren London?


Photo of Lauren London and Lil Wayne
Is model/actress Lauren London pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby? Model and actress Lauren London is stated to be pregnant with hip hop rapper Lil Wayne’s child.

Reportedly a press release was released on last week by Lauren London’s publicist in which it stated that the two first weren’t happy about the pregnancy, but now they [Lauren London and Lil Wayne] are fine and the two will raise the baby together. This is not the first news of Lauren London being linked with Lil Wayne, the two reportedly have had a relationship on-and-off for at least five years and even had rumors of the star being pregnant by him.

Despite news of her being fine about the pregnancy, other news is still circulating stating that the starlet is around five months pregnant and is allegedly still unhappy about the situation and even reportedly was pressured by Lil Wayne to keep the pregnancy or else he would oust her publicly about aborting the child. In fear of jeopardizing her career or public image, Lauren London allegedly decided to keep the pregnancy.

A unnamed person who is reported to be the cousin of Lauren London reportedly stated, “Lauren is letting everyone close know this is not what she planned. She’s mainly worried what effect this will have on her career. She doesn’t want to be stigmatized as just Lil Wayne’s baby mama.” While other news and blogs are stating that she’s not worried about the pregnancy affecting her career, among other things.

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