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Charles Hamilton Gets Punched By Girl During Freestyle Battle


Picture of Charles Hamilton Punched By Girl During Freestyle
Charles Hamilton is going to need a good publicist after this one?! In a shocking and definite soon-to-be viral video, hip hop artist Charles Hamilton gets punched or should we say ‘snuffed’ by a girl after a freestyle battle. The rap freestyle starts out as entertainment with Hamilton and the mystery woman, only known as Briana, interviewing one another about a possible earlier freestyle battle which leads up to a challenge and a fierce punch.

Briana starts out with her poetic freestyle which she reads from off a file from her mobile device.

“Since I saw Drake spit off his Blackberry, I feel like I can do that too cause I’m actually not a rapper, I write poetry my n-gga. You feel me…” stated Briana before spitting her poetic verse.

Following Briana’s poem/freestyle rap, Charles Hamilton took the microphone for his signature styled freestyle going on the attack at Briana. In the midst of his rap, it seemed as though the rapper may have touched on something personal hinting at some type of relationship or possible sexual encounter with the mystery woman alleged to be his ex-girlfriend, so he decided to retract or withhold from finishing the remainder of his verse. But before he could decide to change his verse, Briana’s fist came flying out of nowhere and punched Hamilton dead in the face.

Following that, Charles Hamilton, in the video, can be heard saying, “I didn’t mean to do that,” followed by Briana saying, “How can you put my f-ckin business out there like that.”

Girl Punches Charles Hamilton In The Face During Rap Freestyle

Watch the shocking video of hip hop music artist Charles Hamilton vs Briana in the soon-to-be infamous video of Charles Hamilton getting punched by his female freestyle challenger, Briana.

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