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Hip-Hop Mogul May Be Exposed By Elliot Spitzer’s Prostitution Madam?


Photo of Kristin Davis The Manhattan Madam
What hip-hop mogul may possibly be named as a former client of the Manhattan Madam who reportedly serviced prostitutes to New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and thousands of other famous and public figures?

A major hip-hop mogul may have been one of the clients of the former Madam who serviced Governor Elliot Spitzer, the New York governor who was tied to the now infamous former escort Ashley Alexandra Dupre and the highly publicized prostitution sex scandal.

The 32 year-old reported college graduate, Kristin Davis, who majored in psychology and business, reportedly served four months at Rikers Prison on a $2 million bail which was lowered to $400,000 on a charge of “promoting prostitution” to clients which allegedly included Elliot Spitzer and a black book of a reported thousands of names of clients. The former Madam recently made a stop by the Wendy Williams radio show “The Wendy Williams Experience” and revealed that quote “one of the biggest urban moguls in the world” was one of her clients.

Davis, now dubbed the Manhattan Madam, revealed to Wendy Williams after Williams asked her was there any rappers on her list. Williams wrote down the name of a hip hop mogul on a piece of paper which Davis then confirmed.

As Davis looked at the name on Wendy Williams’ written note and confirmed he was one of her former clients, Williams then had an outburst, “Oh please, he is so gay!”

Though Davis nor Wendy Williams confirmed the name of who the hip hop mogul was out-loud, Wendy Williams immediately after her interview jokingly mentioned the name “Russell Simmons” when taking a phone call shortly after saying bye to Kristin Davis the Manhattan Madam.

Before getting to the part of the urban mogul, Davis stated that she would turn to the public opinion/voice on what she should do with the 10,000 names of her former clients by asking them to visit her website and make suggestions.

Madam Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam appeared on Wendy Williams show in support of her new book self-entitled after her new nickname and former lifestyle, “THE MANHATTAN MADAM: Sex, Drugs, Scandal and Greed Inside America’s Most Successful Prostitution Ring.”

The former Madam also revealed that she is also working on a possible reality TV show and more in the entertainment business while leaving her former business, the nicknamed oldest profession in the world, prostitution, behind.

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