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Queen Pen Throws Drink At Rocsi Over Affair with LisaRaye’s Husband?


Photo of Rapper Queen Pen and Rocsi of 106 & Park
Rapper Queen Pen Throws Drink In The Face of Rocsi of 106 & Park: Over Alleged Affair With Lisa Raye’s Husband?

Rapper Queen Pen has allegedly dissed TV personality Rocsi of BET’s 106 & Park again for having an affair with former hip hop video vixen and actress LisaRaye McCoy-Misick aka Lisa Raye’s husband. The two, reportedly, almost got into a fist fight at an event in New York City. Prior to this incident, in a video interview with The Round Table (Lenny S, Maya The B and Big Lite), Queen Pen can be seen throwing multiple slanders out at Rocsi. “I don’t like the bitch…. To me she’s just fake and phony and she’s wack and I don’t like her,” stated Queen Pen in the video regarding Rocsi’s attitude and her alleged affair with the husband of Queen Pen’s friend LisaRaye.

Starting somewhat from the beginning, Lisa Raye’s husband, Premier Michael Misick, was accused in April of last year, 2008, of raping a woman, a claim he denies. The rape reportedly occurred after a party on the island of Providenciales and the woman was reportedly a friend of LisaRaye’s. Months later in August, and several rumors later, he reportedly released a statement announcing the two were getting a divorce.

Photo of Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick and husband Premier Michael Misick

This was around the same time, the rumors of him and Rocsi sleeping together were flaring up. Though LisaRaye (who’s known for her roles on Players Club, Gang of Roses and All of Us) and her husband reportedly got back together and the two evidently planned to try to mend and ‘move on,’ the public’s attention on his alleged affair with Rocsi hasn’t gone away.

At the event in NYC on Wednesday where Rocksi and rapper Queen Pen’s supposed fight almost occurred, rapper Queen Pen alleged threw a drink in the face of Rocsi after an alleged argument which has allegedly been led on by Rocsi’s alleged affair with Lisa Raye’s husband.

Back on last year, rapper Queen Pen took jabs at Rocsi in a video, as previously mentioned, after many reports of her alleged affair with Lisa Raye’s husband began circulating over multiple blogs sites and media outlets. During this time, rapper Queen Pen had been photo’d out and about with Lisa Raye who Queen Pen states the two are good friends and there were also rumors Queen Pen had called Rocsi a “bitch” during an actual taping with her.

On both occasions, the almost catfight in NYC and the supposed ‘bitch’ term slander at a taping, Rocsi did not pursue to retaliate due to being in the company of BET professionals and executives.

As of yet, no official statements have been released from either party, Queen Pen or Rocsi.

Watch past video footage of Queen Pen on The Round Table with Lenny S, Maya The B and Big Lite

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