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Christina Milian Shoots Down Rumors, Says She’s ‘Not Engaged’ To The-Dream


Photo of The-Dream and Christina Milian
Singer Christina Milian was allegedly stated to have been engaged to producer/singer The-Dream in numerous reports over the weekend which stated that she got engaged in L.A. and was given a $200,000 diamond ring.

The singer has now spoken on the rumor and states that the rumor is not true after getting numerous phone calls.

“Just woke up from finishing some work in the studio late last night to some eager phone calls as to whether or not I am Engaged…. No, I am not. Point blank, period. Pretty funny. I really don’t have a lot to say about it…,” Christina Milian stated.

The singer goes on to talk about the name of her album which may have made many believe that this was true stating, “I think since I announced the title of my new album “Elope,” these rumors seem to be looming around lately… It’s an album title and a title track. And to me “Elope” represents taking control of my life and being an adult making my own responsible decisions,” she adds.

Christina Milian says that she hasn’t eloped either and takes a jab at those who thinks that her life is a publicity stunt.

“Despite anyone’s judgement…. I have not run off and Eloped either, LOL. So….that being said.. Stay focused and to anyone who thinks my life is a Publicity stunt… GROW UP. Life is short, enjoy it and stop picking on what I do. Cause if you don’t know, I am definitely enjoying life!,” ends Christina Milian.

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