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50 Cent Set To Narrate Sex Tape of Rick Ross’ Baby Momma


Photo of 50 Cent and Two Honeys
Reportedly, 50 Cent is throwing another hip hop jab in his hip hop beef with Miami rapper Rick Ross, by getting in the sex business, well sorta and preparing to release footage of hip hop rival Rick Ross’ baby momma in a sextpape/porn video.

According to celebrity personality Miss Info, 50 Cent allegedly has the video of Rick Ross’ other baby momma, Brooke, not Tia as 50 Cent was previously reported as hugged up with in pictures. The rapper also took Ross’ baby mama Tiallondra “Tia” Kemp shopping and got to her reveal some ‘dirt’ on Rick Ross in an exclusive interview for ThisIs50.

Miss Info also had her sources to provide proof of the alleged sextape which they provided in an alleged photo of Brooke, Rick Ross’ baby momma in split scenes which depict her as having sex with someone in one scene and undressing in another. The photo was labeled with the title BooBooTV.

The supposed sextape is reportedly planned to be leaked on the internet sometime today with commentary from 50 Cent himself.

Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Alleged Sex Tape Video Photo Stills
Rick Ross baby momma Brooke’s sextape photos

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