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Woman Catches Bullet With Her Weave, It’s Un-BeWeavable!


Photo of Briana Bonds, woman who weave caught a bullet
A 20-year-old woman of Kansas City, Missouri just barely or should we say ‘hairly’ escaped death when her hair weave literally stopped a speeding bullet fired at her by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend.

Briana Bonds told police that, after exiting a convenience store, she was shot at by her ex-boyfriend, and barely escaped after fleeing in her car before later noticing she had a bullet tangled in her hair weave.

While Bonds thought she had been shot, the startling incident which ‘snapped’ Bonds’ head forward and caused a little bleeding surprisingly enough left Bonds with a little more than only a headache.

“I’ve been wearing it for years,” Bonds told Fox 4 News WDAF.

Bonds says she was in her car in the convenience store parking lot when a man flagged her down and told her that her ex-boyfriend still loved her.

When Bonds replied “Well, I don’t love him,” her ex-boyfriend, who was hiding behind the car, revealed himself and his handgun which he began firing at Bonds as if with an intent to kill.

That’s when Bonds say she fled in her car then turned into another parking lot and called the police. As previously mentioned, the bullet was discovered tangled in her hair weave.

Bonds stated that she had recently ended an eight-month relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who was arrested along with his friend in the car.

Bonds, says that her ‘big concern’ now is getting her car window fixed, which was shattered during the incident.

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