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Young Buck Brushes On 50 Cent, Pours In On Rappers ‘Talking About Whatever’ In New Single ‘Did You Miss Me’

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Photo of rapper Young Buck
Although Young Buck has been off the scene for a minute the rapper is back with a new track titled “Did You Miss Me” in which the rapper says in the hook, “Tell me did you miss me/you miss me/they miss you/you miss me/they miss me/well I’m back/I’m back… I know these people miss me.”

“Did You Miss Me” is the rapper’s first step in making a comeback on the scene since his controversial break-up with 50 Cent’s G-Unit.

The rapper brings up whether or not his relationship between 50 Cent could be worked out and expresses how he feels about rappers who he claims are simply “rapping bout whatever.” Young Buck also talks about how he pours his heart into it and goes into his life on the track. If you haven’t heard the track, check out “Did You Miss Me“.

In other news, Young Buck has been somewhat low-key since breaking off G-Unit and according to sources the rapper is stated to be working on an upcoming album as well as working with his group 615 under his label Cashville Records.

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