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Latin Rapper Magic Juan Offers Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan 50K To Change His Name


Latin rapper Magic Juan and former pimp and businessman Bishop Don Juan
The infamous celebrity pimp and entertainment businessman from Chicago, Don “Magic” Juan born Donald Campbell, aka Archbishop Don ‘Da Magic’ Juan, of the Pimps Up, Ho’s Down documentary about the pimping lifestyle, and the Hughes Brothers directed documentary American Pimp, has been offered $50,000 by Latin rapper Magic Juan of the Dominican Republic to drop the “Magic” from his nickname Bishop Don “Magic” Juan.

Magic Juan put out the call to Don “Magic” Juan via a video released on Tuesday via YouTube. Magic Juan claims that the former real pimp and part-time rapper Don “Magic” Juan known also for his associations with rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg (“Bo$$ Playa” from Snoop Dogg’s album Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss and as seen with Snoop in movies like Starsky & Hutch and Old School) is causing him to lose possible national endorsement deals within the U.S. because when the potential sponsors search Magic Juan, his name comes up along with the former pimp’s name and pimping background which hurts his potential deals.

So, in turn, for dropping the name “Magic” from his name, the rapper is offering what he say is a legitimate business deal of $50,000 cash to release rights to use the name Magic in his name.

“I’m here to offer you 50K so you can drop the ‘Magic’ off of your name. I will give you $50,000 cash if you just become – I don’t know – the Bishop Don Juan, that’s what alot of people call you anyway. I don’t know why they call… I don’t know why your name is Juan anyway, I’m Dominican, I know why they call me Juan. My name is John, they call me Juan…. I need you to drop the ‘Magic’ from your name… you know what I mean, and I’m not just, you know, just getting at you like ‘yo! yo!’ on some rowdy.. it’s business. So I offer you 50K cash just to drop it. It ain’t gonna mess wit yo pimpin’, it’s not like you putting out records. You know what I mean… but you know it’s what it is. And it’s a problem just that I have here… in the states, if you go anywhere else around in the world, obviously they’re not even gonna know you… but they know me… this is a legitimate offer.. and that’s it…”

Check out Magic Juan’s offer to Bishop Don Magic Juan for 50k for a name change.

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