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Rihanna’s Father Confirms Her Break-up With Chris Brown


Photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown at ceremony
After reports circulated that Chris Brown’s Facebook marital status had been updated to ‘single’ status a few days ago, Rihanna’s father, Robert Fenty is stated to have confirmed that the inseparable couple has officially called it quits.

“The relationship is over and I am pleased. She doesn’t want to speak to Chris. She is being very brave about things and said that she will be back on stage performing soon,” Ronald Fenty stated to sources.

On Sunday, a statement was released on behalf of Chris Brown which stated that the singer was ‘saddened and sorry’ and is seeking counseling from his pastor after the incident, as well as that he had not written any message or made any posts to Facebook. However, it never stated he didn’t make any updates or changes to his profile.

“…all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. Those posts or writings under my name are frauds,” Chris Brown stated in a statement.

While Chris Brown prepares for court on March 5, Rihanna has been in her homeland of Barbados since February 12th to be with family and friends, as previously reported.

New rumors circulating are now reporting that the two may have got into an altercation stating that Chris Brown believed that Rihanna may have cheated on him instead of vice versa.

Flashback: During an appearance on The View on Monday (June 23, 2008), Rihanna said, “We hang out a lot. We are very close. He’s an amazing person. But we are not dating. We are very close, very, very close.”

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