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Bow Wow Exposed After Soulja Boy Issues Lamborghini Challenge?


Photo of rapper Bow Wow in Lamborghini
After rapper Bow Wow was offered a challenge by Soulja Boy who showed off his new white Lamborghini in a video as previously reported, Bow Wow responded with a video of his own in which he was driving an orange Lamborghini. Although the rapper didn’t quote say “this is my Lamborghini,” he was flossin in it stating, “I can fit your whole career in my back rim,” while pointing toward the back of the Lamborghini wheels on the ride.

Bow Wow also says, “Arab come work for me, I like my car cleaned every Wednesday, spit shined preferably.”

According to gossip site, MediaTakeOut, who believes that they have exposed the rapper, states Bow Wow is riding a rented Lamborghini from Prestige Luxury Rentals, while loyal fans are arguing that the rapper has had his Lamborghini for quite some time and believe that the site is just angry for the rapper reportedly pointing them out in the past calling them MediaFakeOut while during a radio interview. Whether it is true or not, time may tell.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow is prepping for the release of what he quotes will be his ‘last album’ New Jack City Part 2 which is scheduled for release on March 31, 2009.

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