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Soulja Boy Buys New Lamborghini; Challenges Bow Wow To Race For Pink Slip


Soulja Boy sitting in Lamborghini
Rapper Soulja Boy has challenged Bow Wow, self proclaimed ‘Lamborghini Moss’ to put his Lamborghini on the line in a race with him in his newly purchased Lamborghini Gallardo!

“Bow Wow! ‘Lamborghini Boss’… is that what they call you? Real shit nigga, if you say you getting money like you say you getting money and you pushing Lanbos and shit nigga, put yo pink slip on the muthaf–king table — if I lose to you I’ll give you my pink slip, you can have that muthaf–ka, I’ll buy me another one… Call my people, set up the race or you can call me directly.. I’ll race yo ass and take yo shit nigga and give that shit to Arab,” Soulja jokingly said in his latest video blog series, entitled ‘Rich Nigga Shit Pt.4 (Whips Edition)’.

Check out the video:

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