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Democrats Lose Georgia Seat, Slammed By Republican For Hip-Hop Ties, Dirty Lyrics


Sarah Palin vs Ludacris Photo
In a turn of events for the Republican party, it seems that in a race for the Georgia Senate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Atlanta rapper Ludacris found themselves in a battle involving Georgia Senate candidates.

While reputed ‘soccer mom’ Palin urged Georgia voters to back Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss in Tuesday’s runoff that reportedly underscored her popularity within the Republican Party, ‘hip hop artist’ Ludacris on the other end, was at a state Capitol rally with Democrat Jim Martin. The other candidate in the Senate race, making it a three-way, was Libertarian candidate, Allen Buckley.

With Georgia being one of two undecided contests, along with Minnesota, the runoff between Chambliss and Martin, reportedly, will help determine the balance of power in Washington with Palin herself even warning that a Democratic win in Georgia could tip the balance.

The state Capitol rally with Ludacris and Martin drew negative remarks from another Georgia politician, Rep. Jack Kingston, who publicly criticized Martin for associating with hip-hop and slammed Ludacris’ lyrics in front of a crowd of about 2,000 in Savannah stating, “Would you play that for your momma?” regarding Ludacris’ music.

“I think Jim Martin should be with Ludacris,” added Kingston. “It would be ludicrous to vote for Jim Martin.”

Others who came together for the state capitol rally were Young Jeezy, T.I., and Kevin Liles, former VP for Def Jam and current Exec. VP for Warner Music Group.

In an attempt to secure the Senate seat, Martin asked President-elect Barack Obama to campaign with him, which Obama did not campaign in the state but did record a radio ad and automated phone calls for Martin.

At the end, Chambliss secured the Georgia win garnering 57.5% of the vote with 96% of precincts reporting.

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