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Ludacris Joins Martha Stewart in the Kitchen


Photo of Ludacris on the Martha Stewart show
Ludacris joins Martha Stewart and makes origami’s with his Chef, Tyson. The rapper jokes with Martha saying that he has A.D.D. and he can’t make the origami.

“You can’t have A.D.D. with the kind of music you write and have A.D.D.,” Martha Stewart told the rapper. Ludacris replied back stating, “Just write it fast.”

Ludacris also coerced Martha Stewart to tell the audience how she loves rap music and she plays it all the time.

“I love rap music and I think it’s very expressive actually and sometime we sorta have to muffle the lyrics…,” stated Martha Stewart.

The two go on to talk about Ludacris’ musical inspirations and going to lunch afterward.

Watch the video:

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