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Man Arrested 1,000 Times; Judge Gives Him Anniversary Gift


Henry Earl arrest 1,000 times
Henry “James Brown” Earl, 58 of Lexington, KY has been arrested a record 1,000 times. Henry Earl marked his 1,000th arrest on the charge of alcohol intoxication on Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

Judge Gary Payne: “Mr. Earl, you are before the court on the charge of alcohol intoxication.”
Henry Earl: “Yes sir.”
Judge Gary Payne: “How do you wish to plea on this?”
Henry Earl: “Guilty your honor.”
Judge Gary Payne: “Are you sure you want to do that?”
Henry Earl: “It’s my right.”

Unlike any other time in which Judge Gary Payne usually let Henry Earl spend a few days in jail and then he’s back on the street, this time Judge Payne gave him a special gift.

Judge Gary Payne: “For your anniversary we’ll give you a thousand days. Do you think that’s appropriate?”
Henry Earl: “No sir. That’s a long time.”
Judge Gary Payne: “That’s a lot of time but you can do it…”
Judge Gary Payne: “You’ll see me Thursday. Yea, we’ll be counting down the days.” You’ll be down to 998.”

So far Heny Earl has spent 4,123 days in jail with 35 arrests happening this year and has spent 189 days in jail. View Henry Earl’s partial rapsheet.

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