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R. Kelly Trial Set For May ’08


R. Kelly
After R. Kelly missed his court due to a eight hour hold up of his tour bus, the Honorable Judge Vincent Gaughan issued out a warrant. The singer/producer was given until Thursday 9am to come in for his pornography case, and yes he arrived over 20 minutes early.

During the hearing, the judge decided not to make the singer cancel any of his concerts for fear of putting his workers out of work and upsetting a slew of his fans. However, the judge ordered the singer to cancel his appearance in Hampton, VA on January 13, to make sure that he arrives for his court date on January 14th on time.

Robert Kelly sincerely apologized to the judge for missing his court date due to his bus speeding which his attorney citied as one of the reasons for missing his court hearing along with the drivers log not being filled out according to state laws (drivers cannot drive without having at least an eight hour break when traveling for so many hours). The incident kept them stuck in Utah for more than eight hours.

R. Kelly told the Judge, “I’d like to say I’m sorry for this whole incident, and next time, I would get a plane,” although the singer is stated to have a fear of flying.

No wonder he sung “I Believe I Can Fly.”

The singer/producer’s case has been ongoing since 2002, and he faces 14 counts of child pornography stemming from a video tape in which he believed to be in showing him conducting sexual acts with a teenage girl.

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