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Judge Says No! Denies Remy Ma Touring Outside The Country


Remy Ma Free On Bail
Looks like the Judge isn’t taking any risks with Remy Ma. The rapper was expected to go on tour outside of the country, but the answer is “No” with the judge. Why?

It’s the rapper’s growing list of allegations of assault, coercion, gang assault and witness intimidation.

Remy Ma is accused of shooting her former friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph twice in the abdomen earlier in July 2007, after the rapper accused Barnes-Joseph of stealing $2,000 from her purse.

In a different incident Remy Ma is accused of intimidating two men who are a part of another shooting incident which involves the rapper.

According to Remy Ma’s lawyer, Ivan Fisher, his client needs the tour to earn money in which he told the Judge. Every since the rapper has been arrested, Remy has been having problems getting booked in the US and her record contract has been pushed to the side.

Fisher stated to the judge the tour would net Remy Ma up to $40,000, “which she very much needs.”

The rapper has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including assault, coercion, gang assault and witness intimidation. Remy Ma has been released on $250,000 bail for the alleged shooting of her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph.

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