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Ludacris & DTP Records Zazzled By New Merchandising Deal


DTP on Zazzle
Zazzle, the only on-demand, online retail platform to offer billions of products that ship in 24 hours has entered into a deal with Ludacris and DTP in which they will have a merchandise gallery on Zazzle displaying an infinite selection of ready-to-order and customizable products where fans can put their personal style on official Ludacris and DTP artist merchandise which will benefit a variety of charities throughout the year in support of World Aids Month during December, Black Music Month in June and Breast Cancer Awareness in October.

“Ludacris is not only a hip hop pioneer and prolific actor, but he is an incredibly socially conscious individual who wants to raise awareness and do good with his celebrity status,” said James Heckman, Chief Strategy Officer, Zazzle. “We are thrilled to be his on-demand merchandise partner to further help get his message to fans, and enable his fans all over the world to buy and customize merchandise that further support his causes.”

“Teaming with Zazzle and edun LIVE is incredible as it enables me to bridge my music with the important causes I want to raise awareness for all over the world,” said Ludacris. “This is a perfect union as their online and on-demand platform allows fans to get products regardless of where they are, and at the same time enables fans to do something good with the purchase of a t-shirt.”

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