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Alicia Keys To Play Role Of Lena Horne In Oprah Produced Movie


Alicia Keys to play role of Lena Horne
Alicia Keys will be taking on the role of singer/actress Lena Horne in an upcoming movie which will be produced by Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey has informed USA Today that she getting ready up for a biopic about the life of celebrated singer Lena Horne with Alicia Keys to be the starring role.

“We’re going to start filming next year,” she revealed. “And we’ve got Alicia.”

Oprah also made sure to point out that Lloyd Kramer has been assigned to write the script and also added she has no desire to return to the camera as an actress anytime soon. “I don’t,” she remarked. “I’ve let go of the need for that.”

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