Kim Kardashian Stars In Skechers Shape Ups Super Bowl Commercial


Kim Kardashian starred in Skechers new super sexy Shape-Ups commercial!

Reality star Kim Kardashian is known for being extremely sexy but she took it to a whole different level in last Sunday’s Super Bowl commercial for Skechers Kim Kardashian not only dressed sexy, but she made some pretty sexy comments too.

Kim was seen lying on the ground with an unknown hunk above her and at first glance you would not think they are working out at all. The black spandex yoga outfit that Kim Kardashian wore left little to the imagination, but further into the ad she breaks up with her trainer, whom she claims was the best she ever had.

The reason for the seperation was the new Shape Up shoes by Skechers which allows her to work out without the help of a trainer.

Now if this commercial doesn’t make you want to buy Shape Ups’ shoes, what will? But that was probably Skechers plan all along.


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