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Al Sharpton Tries To Clean Up Hip-Hop With Soap, Literally


Al Sharpton
With bars of soap and the NAACP, Al Sharpton hopes to clean up hip-hop starting first with Motown. While Sharpton collects bars of soap, the NAACP leaders hopes to have a mock funeral for the “N” word during a July convention in Detroit.

Since last month, Sharpton has been trying to get his campaign going with the help of Record Label Industry Executives on getting artists to clean up their lyrics by killing the “N” words along with a few other ones.

Shouldn’t people be focusing more on cleaning up the streets first and some of these crooked offices and finding out where the money is being spent. It seems like this is just another attempt to get people to focus on something else instead of what we need to be focusing on like gas prices, wages, and other important issues. Who’s idea was this?

Al Sharpton and his bars of soap will probably make some of you remember about what momma’s use to tell you if you cursed as a kid, “Watch yo mouth! I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.” Maybe he’s thinking of washing the rappers mouths with the soap.

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