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Rapper DMX raped in sleep, sued for $6 million


Monique Wayne of Prince George’s County filed a $6 million lawsuit last Thursday against rapper DMX, claiming he injured her reputation by claiming in a magazine interview that she raped him in his sleep.

If you read Sister 2 Sister magazine you would have seen the statements DMX made during an interview , and his statements have since been reported worldwide. Since then Monique Wayne has came back with the lawsuit in Prince George’s County Circuit Court claiming damages for defamation, false light, and unreasonable publicity to private life.

“Ms. Wayne has been completely ostracized. It’s a malicious and outrageous allegation,” said Wayne’s attorney Stephanie Moran. “These are serious allegations.”

Monique Wayne claims in the suit that the two had consensual sex after meeting at a D.C. night club in August 2003. She then became pregnant.

The child, Javon Micai Wayne, has since become the center of a drawn-out paternity and child support dispute.

DMX – born as Earl Simmons – has been ordered to pay $5,000 per month in child support in settlement of the custody suit.

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