Types of Electronic Cutting Machine On The Market


Crafting can be a tricky art, especially when you do not have the right tool. But if do have the right machine, the whole thing becomes exponentially easy.

By identifying the right machine, you will win half the battle. However, various machines can help you with crafting. Each tool has some manufacturers who produce many brands. So it is easy to get lost in the proverbial jungle.

Do you want to know, which crafting tool would be the best choice?

The answer is – Die cutting machine. Here’s the deal: A die cutting machine employs blade, which is small in size, and cut s materials from a common item. You can use it to cut numbers, shapes, and the most useful option – even custom designs.

And the most beautiful thing about them is – even teachers often use them to cut out shapes for bulletin boards or school activities! So you see, these machines are almost universal!

Types of Die Cutting machine:

Like other crafting tools, die cutting machines have a lot of brands in the market. However, there are differences in principal and power usage. Some die cutting machines use manual labour; some use electricity. A computer is a must for many models, whereas some do not need to be connected with one.

The Three Types:

Let’s have a look around the inner world of die cutting machine. There is primarily three distinct type of cutting tools. Each one is good for specific purposes. Although, you can use any of the three types to get the job done.

Allow me to guide you:

  1. Manual:

The most typical type of them all is the manual die cutting machine. As you can see from the name. You would need a person to operate them. Want to make an embossing die? Just use a manual cutting machine. Pros of this type includes:

  1. Portable
  2. You can use it just with your hand.
  3. No need for any wall outlet.
  4. Or a computer.
  5. Safe and relatively cheap.
  6. Can be used for embossing and not to mention, cutting.
  1. Computer Operated:

All die cutting machines are not manual. Many models use computers to cut their materials. Some even go further and use the internet to do so.

With technology, even the die cutting machines have started to work smart!

Computer operated models are the most complex of them all. At the same time, they are also the simplest. It does provide numerous advantages. Such as:

  1. the You can download the design, fonts, etc. and use them.
  2. Virtually any design is possible.
  3. Complex, intricate, versatile.
  4. No need for manual labor.
  5. Easy to use, user-friendly.
  1. Electronic Die Cutting Machine:

This one is perhaps the most popular among the three. However, there is a catch – to use, an electronic die cutting machine, it has to be plugged into an outlet.

But in this day and ear, who does not have an electric outlet, eh?

Electronic die cutting machines usually use cartridges with fonts or shapes. Their advantages include:

  1. Reduces risk of injury or ill-health.
  2. Anyone can use them.
  3. Do not require bone-numbing manual work.
  4. Portable.

Types of Electronic Die Cutting Machine:

Different Brands have bestowed upon us, different models of electronic die cutting machines. But finding the right fit is key. Not every man, or woman, is equally adept at using every crafting model there is.

Manufacturers, who have gained almost a cult-following but providing the best electronic die cutting machines include:

  1. Silhouette – Too many, the Silhouette brand is the be-all and end-all of the electronic die cutting machine. They have two distinct models – CAMEO and Portrait. The company regularly updates the technology and releases new models. CAMEO has a range of 12 inches and Portrait – 8 inches.
  2. Cricut Explore – The second, but according to many the first brand of electronic die cutting machine is the Cricut Explore. It even comes with a free, online software! By choosing designs and projects from their could space, you can use them at your leisurely.
  • eclips2 – eclips2 is a famous model of Sizzix. It is an upgrade over the original eclips. Even by today’s standards, the system is great. You can use the eCal software to design unique images and shapes and cut accordingly.


Crafting machine is a great way to create models and mind-blowing design with relative ease. All-in-all, these tools are great to enhance your efficiency. The only question that now remains would be – Which one will you use?


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