Ridley Scott Net Worth, Film Career and Lifestyle

Ridley Scott bio

With a history full of incredible films and professional achievements, Ridley Scott (November 30, 1937) is one of the world’s most recognized filmmakers. From terrifying sci-fi productions to thrilling historical dramas, this director has immortalized all kinds of sensations through the lens, succeeding in enveloping viewers like no other. If you want to know more about the work of this icon of modern cinema, you cannot miss Ridley Scott’s net worth, lifestyle, and film career!

Ridley Scott biography

Ridley Scott came into the world in South Shields, England. He was the second child of the union between Elizabeth and Francis Percy Scott. During his childhood, his family was repeatedly, due to his father belonging to the British Army. Watching his mother take care of him and his siblings inspired him to create strong and determined heroines in several of his films.

My mother was my first role model. She was the head of the house since my dad was in the war. She was tough, and that’s why we respected her.

He graduated from Grangefield High School and studied at an art school in Linthorpe, where he received a designer’s degree. In 1963, he got a job as a set designer at the BBC network, working on the well-known British series Z-Cars.

Ridley Scott net worth

Along with other films of the time, Alien: The Eighth Passenger managed to change how science fiction stories were viewed back then, thanks to its cool special effects and gripping plot. His net worth is about 400 million dollars and he earned his maximum amount by producing films.

Ridley Scott and science fiction

Together with his brother Tony Scott, Ridley founded the company Ridley Scott Associates, with which they would direct various commercials during the 70s.

Ridley Scott’s first job as a film director would be in the movie The Duelists, in 1977, which was recorded in Europe and would be a success in several countries on the continent. Two years later, after being inspired by Star Wars, he accepts 20th Century Fox’s offer to direct Alien: The Eighth Passenger.

Following the colossal success of Alien: The Eighth Passenger among moviegoers, Ridley Scott continued down the path of science fiction, directing another of his most iconic feature films: Blade Runner ( The Relentless Hunter ). The film, starring Harrison Ford, would be classified as one of the most influential in the genre, thanks to the daring adaptation of what would be a futuristic setting.

Thanks to his remarkable success as a filmmaker, Ridley Scott directed the launch commercial for Apple’s Macintosh in 1984. The commercial segment would premiere in the Super Bowl that year and is considered by many to be one of the best commercials of all time. As in many of his works, the protagonist of the short was a heroine.

Delving into the fantasy genre, Ridley Scott directed Legend, starring Tom Cruise. The play would be critically acclaimed in the years after its release and would be viewed by many as a film ahead of its time.

Dabbling in other genres

So far, while critics had applauded Ridley Scott’s films, the director had not directed a commercial success since Alien: The Eighth Passenger. In 1991, aiming for something that could please the public, he directed Thelma and Louise, a road film that would earn him his first Oscar nomination for best director and generate large profits at the box office.

Giving a new sample of his versatility, he directed Gladiator (Gladiator in 2000. The feature film would become a commercial success and win five Oscars, earning him another nomination for best director. During the following years, he directed Hannibal and The Fall of the black hawk (Black Hawk shot down), which would be added to his list of successes.

Ridley would go on to direct Prometheus (Prometheus), a film related to the franchise created around Alien: the eighth passenger. The film was released in 2012 and grossed huge profits, proving that Ridley Scott was still a science-fiction genius.

In 2015, Scott directed another major film: Rescue Mission (Mars: The Martian), starring Matt Damon and nominated for an Oscar for best picture. Two years later, he would direct Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus. That same year he led all the money in the world, returning to the dramatic cinema, although adding touches of the detective genre.


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