Japan Tsunami Does More Damage After 8.9 Japan Earthquake Kills Hundreds


The Japan Earthquake heard worldwide, at least via the news, has reportedly left hundreds dead and was immediately followed by a Japan Tsunami. The Japan Earthquake is being recorded as a 8.9 earthquake making it the fifth largest earthquake since 1900 to hit the Pacific coast.

After a devastating 10 meter tsunami, following the tremendous 8.9 earthquake, about 300 bodies were found on the beach in Sendai, where the tsunami was said to have hit the hardest.

The violent tsunami has captured and destroyed everything in it’s path. Warnings have been issued for fifty-three countries, including Colombia and Peru.

The quake sparked about eighty fires down the coast and is the largest since Japan began keeping records 140 years ago.

Japan has declared a state of an atomic power emergency.

In related news, airlines have had residents stranded as other residents run in panic down the siren-ringing streets, trying to get home to their loved ones.

Japan’s earthquake was surely catastrophic, but the water reportedly has done, by-far, the most damage.


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