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DJ Miss Jones Gets Her Stomach Stapled

Shock Jock radio DJ Miss Jones is said to be off the airwaves and has been for the past few weeks. It is stated that she was suspended after a dispute with Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles, but this is not…

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Promoter threatens TI with lawsuit

Big League Entertainment president Mike Green has threatened to sue Atlanta rapper TI and his manager for breach of contract over a performance scheduled for September 30, 2006 in New York City. Mike Green alleges that TI “Clifford Harris, Jr”…

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Rapper Megaman Cleared Of Murder Charges

So Solid Crew member Megaman has been cleared of murder charges. The UK rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Vincent, appeared at the Old Bailey on September 28th to face charges of “encouraging and supporting” a friend during the murder…

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Fab Five Freddy feuds with Bush, Sr.

Rapper Fab Five Freddy had a small exchange of words over the Iraq war with George Bush senior. According to sources, the rapper stated “We were out on the field to watch U2 and Green Day and George Bush Sr.…

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Britney Spears rapping on new album

Britney Spears is expected to release a brand new album in 2007. The album will feature her rapping on one of the tracks. Britney Spears is currently working with 50 Cent’s producer and musical collaborator Jonathan ‘JR’ Rotem and also…

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Reunion for Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake

There’s been word around that Janet & Justin may be getting together to solve their little spat. Janet Jackson’s people are saying that she has been talking with Justin Timberlake’s people to appear together at a live show like the…

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Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop and the Cops

This movie is a documentary on the secret dossiers that police, FBI, and task agencies have compiled on hip-hop performers and industry executives. The movie includes a number of industry executives and artists such as Suge Knight, Busta Rhymes, Ja…

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