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Big Sean Is Hoping Eminem Sill Collaborate With Him
50 Cent posted November 30, 2012

Big Sean explains that he wants Eminem to collaborate on his sophomore album, “Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player.” Big Sean showed interest in recording a duet with Eminem and stated how it could be possible. In a…

50 Cent Explains That Beef Isn’t What Sell Records
50 Cent posted November 29, 2012

50 Cent explains how beef isn’t everything and says that Eminem’s influence  has said his career. 50 Cent released his new single “My Life,” which features Eminem and Adam Levine. In a recent interview with Carson Daly’s show, 50 Cent…

So You Think You Can Sing?
Music posted November 9, 2012

Although some people are born with artistic ability, the reality is that anyone can become an artist through training, whether in music, dancing, singing, acting, rapping, or anything else.