New England Patriots Brandon Meriweather Linked At Shooting Incident

11/6/2011 Foxborough, MA New England Patriots Brandon Spikes putting the hit on New York Giants tight end Jake Ballard preventing a first down during 1st quarter action at Gillette Stadium on Sunday November 6, 2011. (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff) slug: 07patriots section: sports reporter: Monique Walker

New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather was wanted by police for questioning about a shooting that injured two men in Apopka, FL.

Florida police are investigating a shooting that occurred outside a bar, near the town of Apopka, FL., where two men were wounded during the incident. Police have identified New England Patriots star Brandon Meriweather as “being present” at the scene of the shooting and wanted to bring him in for questioning. No charges have been filed against the NFL star at the present time.

“William Brandon Meriweather, among others, has been identified as being present during a shooting which occurred on February 28th, 2011,” said the sheriff’s dept. in a recent press release.

Jeff Williamson of the Orange County sheriff’s office stated “We want to speak to Mr. Meriweather” in regards to the shooting.

Meriweather’s attorney Adam Swickle tells CNN that he has spoke with detectives on the case and was arranging a meeting between Meriweather and police.

“We are investigating it, and have contacted the detectives in Orange County and won’t make any comment until they complete their investigation,” was stated.

According to the official incident report, a fight broke out at a bar in Apopka, FL. on Feb. 28th that spilled into the parking lot when gunshots rang out injuring two men. One of the shooting victims was identified as Quentin Taylor, who, according to the report, could not or would not answer any questions from police. The second victim, Nico Stanley, signed a written statement saying that he wasn’t pressing charges against anyone.

If Brandon Meriweather is charged in the shooting of Taylor and Stanley, he could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted. It is not yet determined if Meriweather was actually the gunman, a witness, or other.


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