Kanye West Leaves His Twisted Fantasies To “Watch The Throne” With Jay-Z


Kanye West is over his beautiful dark twisted fantasy and is expected to release a new project this Summer. The controversial rapper and producer is said to be working on not one but three projects.

The first project that Kanye West is expected to release is “Watch The Throne” he announced via Twitter. “Watch The Throne” is reported to be a collaboration album with hip-hop music mogul and rapper Jay-Z.

Earlier this month the alleged first single “H.A.M” produced by Lex Luger from the album “Watch The Throne” was released.

Meanwhile, prior to the release of the project “Watch The Throne,” Kanye West states that he will be releasing a new music video called “All of The Lights” which will be released in one week.

As for the music, Kanye West says this is high-end rap music.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the results.


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