How To Spot On The Best Contractor For Your Home/Business Exterior Project


The many numbers of contractors promoting their business as the best home and business exterior contractor made it harder for people to choose who to hire. Sure, they will say they are the best in the industry, even if they are not, just to get as many clients as possible. Yet, the biggest question is, who amongst them the real thing is.

It is your homework to spot on the best company to hire, as if you failed to do, expect that this supposedly fruitful project will turn to a major disaster.

How To Spot On The Best Contractor For Your Home/Business Exterior Project?

Here are some tips you can use to help you spot on the best contractor to work on your dream home/business exterior:

  • Ask around

You are not the first person in the world who will have his or her home or business exterior renovated, repaired or remodelled, hence asking around to those who have had previous experiences is a must. Ask your neighbours, your friends or your relatives about their experience and seek for recommendations.

Two things, one they will excitedly tell you about their wonderful experience from a contractor who just renovated their home exterior or two, they will share with you disappointment and anger from the contractor they previously hired.

Use the information you get from them to your advantage and make sure you listen to their sentiments and only consider objective insights and not subjective.

  • Check their website

The website of a specific contractor would say a lot about them, their professionals and their business. There are so many things you can get from their website, which you can use as your reference when spotting on the best contractor to hire.

  • Their business portfolio: How long are they providing home and business exterior renovation, repairs and remodelling? The longer they are providing such service, the better. No business will last in this kind of industry unless they are getting good reviews from their previous customers. If they are getting too many complaints, their business should be closed long way back. Check on their mission and vision and see whether it matches yours.

On their website, you can check samples of their work too, which you can use as your basis of how well they perform their jobs.

  • Their customers’ feedback: Although, not all of them are legitimate, as there are some fabricated to advertise their business, you can somehow use them to assess their business credibility.
  • Ask for samples of their work

In case this is not available on their website, ask them directly for samples of their before and after. See their capability to transform spaces and assess whether they can reach to your expectations or not at all.

It is best if you ask for photos according to what you need, like business to businesses and a home to a home.

It would be nicer if they can tour you around to places they renovated, repaired or remodelled, as there is nothing better than seeing the details in person than in photos.

  • Ask for their credentials/ certificates/ licences

It is important that you ask these details, although showing you copies is a must, It is easy to say that they are licensed even if they are not, hence it is best if you ask them to show you copies of their certificates and licenses.

You would never want to deal with contractors that are not licensed or accredited as you would definitely not receive satisfaction from their service at all.

You may also want to ask for their employees insurance as you would not want to be held liable to any accidents that may occur on your site while project is ongoing.

To know more about a contractor that is licensed and certified to work in Edmonton, visit us out.

  • Ask for references

It is a must that you ask for their references. Best if they provide you their most recent clients, as the service they provide 2 years ago may be different from the service they provide today. When they provided you a list, it is highly recommended that you take time calling at least three of them. Onset of the call, introduce yourself and let them know the purpose of your call. You would not want them to hang up the phone since they thought a scammer is calling.

Ask them many relevant questions about the service they receive. Below are sample questions you can kick off:

  • Were they able to finish the project on time?
  • Were they able to follow the agreement on the contract?
  • Were they professional?
  • Did you have any issues with them? if so, how did they reply and respond to the issue?
  • Were they giving you updates from time to time?

Asking them questions can help you get the responses you need to know. Anyway, their first hand experience would help you big time assessing how well a contractor does, yet you should not depend mainly on that.

Do not focus on their subjective commentaries yet utilise those objective information they share. If possible, ask if you can tour around their site and see in person the contractor has made for their space.

In the event that the contractor declines to provide you reference, you better run away as there is no legitimate and trustworthy contractors who will decline providing you with such information.

With the many contractors saying they are the best in the market, you should never give your trust immediately. This project is not as simple and as easy as you thought it is. It requires high expertise and knowledge to ensure that the building and the space will get all the benefits from this project.

Check on this for more references on the best company to hire for your home/business exterior project.


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