How to plan a surprise trip for your partner?


Travel surprises are the toughest especially when it comes to planning for partners. Be it a hot – air balloon ride in Manhattan or skiing in Andorra, a romantic getaway to Paris, getting lost in Alps, travel surprises are always filled with thrills. The airport ride or the disclosing moment is the best part! However, it is not easy to plan a travel surprise for partners as there are lot of common things shared starting from credit card to laptops and even smart phones!

Here are some tips on planning romantic travel surprise for partners. The article comes up because many studies say that travel surprises are the most challenging but the best gift of all

Start early
Many times accommodation and activities sell out. If the surprise is planned for a special event and the date coincides with the peak crowd season of the destination, the surprise might become a disaster. Therefore, start early, make the bookings well ahead. This is to avoid last minute confusion.

For instance, many studies say that small islands are predominantly visited by couple rather than family. This is mainly because they prefer privacy. Hence these islands get booked well ahead of time. Travel magazines like TravelJournal can give you many tips in planning your surprise.

Limit the accomplices
Try to check on the schedule of the partner. Get help from the special one’s boss or secretary or a colleague. Never blurt it out to common friends, especially stay away from those who cannot hold secrets. Don’t share with kids, relatives and neighbors. These people might accidentally slip out the surprise.

Act as an underground Agent
Use a secret email id. This always happens among couple as the other might get an accidental glimpse on the planner’s account. The planner should get a new number if the partner has a habit of answering his or her phone. There can be situation where the airlines might call up for a scheduled change.

Make sure the partner likes travel surprises
This is the most important and mandatory criteria to make the surprise work. A TravelJournal study says that 1 out of every 3 British women hate travel surprises. To learn if the partner likes travel surprises, one can check on his or her reaction by creating stories. For instance, narrate a story about a friend who surprised his wife by taking her on a surprise trip to Venice for their anniversary. Wait for her reaction. If there is none, continue the conversation by disliking his surprise. The lady love will tenderly react to it if she loves travel surprises!

Decide the spot
This is the most challenging part of all the plans in the surprise. Some like adventure, some love soaking in beaches, others like hilly terrain trekking, some others love to go on an elephant ride. Therefore, the only possible solution to choose the spot is to know the partner well. If the planner does not know the partner well or in the beginning stages of a relationship, travel surprises are not a good choice. TravelJournal study says that 8 out of 15 travel surprises are unsuccessful. Therefore, learn the preferences and choices of the partner before planning the trip.

Avoid using a shared credit card
This is the most common blunder. It is the topmost spoiler of travel surprises. If he or she knows that 100s and 1000s of dollars are spent on tickets and accommodation, they will raise questions. And the planner will never be able to keep it a surprise any more. Many articles on TravelJournal claim that credit cards are the topmost spoilers of travel surprises.

Also avoid making large withdrawals. This will also fetch doubts. The best way is to borrow money from a friend or use a friend’s card.

This can be very tricky. This is because one has to pack for himself and for his partner. Friends can come for help in such situations. Another lady friend would certainly know what her friend cannot live without. Starting from moisturizer, sunscreen to bikini, the list is never ending.

Still there are chances of miss outs. In such situations make sure to buy them new at the vacation spot. This will double their fun.

Make sure to fix everything under the budget. Always fix the budget and decide on the spot. One can feel that this is once in a year opportunity. However, it is important to save for the coming years to enjoy those days equally. Therefore, fix the budge and then start planning. According to one estimate almost 25% of family expenses are spent on vacations in the US on an average.

Local option
Small plans work the best. Rather than planning big, small secrets are easy to keep. If the above options are too tricky to plan, stick to local places. The purpose is to surprise the special one and make him or her happy. Therefore, never prioritize the place of visit. Getting out of the daily routine is in itself a great surprise. This also requires less planning and the surprise can very well be maintained. These also work out well for last minute planners. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 travelers are unaware of the tourist spots around them. This is mainly because human mind is designed to admire the beauty of things at distance! Be it relationship, stars, rainbow or a place of visit!!


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