Handpicked Features Of Best Radar Detector 2018


When it comes to choosing from among a variety of products, we often end up in a dilemma. Different products offer different features in different price range. Thus, a guide becomes essentially important to help you get through the hard time. Today we are going to discuss about the best radar detector 2018 which will highlight all the major features of a radar detector that you should check for before making the final decision.

About radar detectors

Before moving on to the focus of the subject matter, let us first refresh our knowledge on radar detectors. There might be some of the readers who are new to the subject and therefore it becomes our responsibility to answer to the queries of all classes of our readers. Well, a radar detector is a device that works electronically and is used by drivers or motorists to keep a check on their speed.

Speeding is a major concern of traffic police these days. Most of the road accidents take place because of it and therefore strict laws have been formed in most of the countries to take action against law offenders. This includes issuing speed tickets, penalty and even jail in some cases. However, punishment is not always the end solution to this problem. Sometimes, all you have to do is give a warning to the people so that they may not repeat it again. Anyways, this is only possible in your dreams for the traffic department in this respect, proves to be of little help.

Amidst all these problems, a radar detector comes to the rescue. Used mainly by the motor enthusiasts, this device helps you to know if you are being monitored by the police department by use of a radar gun. A radar gun is a machine used by police or law enforcement department to measure the speed of moving vehicles to check for speeding. Most of the radars used by government department are equipped with features like efficient computing power, emission of minimum ultra-short pulses, multi target measurement etc. however, a radar detector can be used efficiently to detect their speed.

Although a radar detector is a helpful device, buying it is not as easy as it seems especially when you have an array of alternatives before you. So, here we will describe important features of some of the best radar detector 2018:

  • Dual antenna design – A radar detector is a device that makes use of waves to provide information about speed checks. Thus. The longer the antenna the better is its performance. A dual antenna design improves the performance of the device manifolds for the signals are well received and interpreted. The second antenna is placed rearward in some machines which enables the LED arrows to point in the direction of threat.
  • Alpha numeric display – Some of the best radar detector 2018 are equipped with alpha numeric display which is capable of displaying any sort of combination of letters, shapes and numbers. This makes it easy to comprehend. Alpha numeric display is very common in case of mid-range and high end devices. This display enables you to see the band spelled out on the very left and the remaining display is modified in the form of a graph which makes it a superior option than icon display or LED display.
  • No false alarms – One of the biggest issue with highly equipped detectors is that the signal strength is so strong that many a times, you tend to get false alarms for the vehicle. But with the anti falsing database that is incorporated in modern day radar detectors, you can lock the locations in the database or memory of the device the moment you receive a false alert. Now, the next time you pass through the same location and if the same frequency is being transmitted, you do not have to worry about the false alarm for it has already been locked in the memory of this device.
  • Emergency situations – Well, a radar detector not only protects you from the police but also keeps you safe from accidents. The device also caches the frequency of a vehicle that is coming head on in emergency situations and it is at point blank range. The strobe alert feature in these futuristic devices allows you to be safe from such accidents by warning you beforehand.
  • Auto scanner – The best radar detector 2018 must be well equipped with this amazing feature and luckily they are. The auto scan mode is specifically designed to adjust the sensitivity automatically to X and K Band as per the environment you are driving in. This mode will reject the false alerts such as that of door openers and security alarms automatically enabling you to achieve maximum signal selectivity.
  • Charging spot – Obviously, a radar detector is a device so it must be requiring some sort of rejuvenation. The machine needs to be charged to ensure better working. Thus, a battery charger along with cordless radar detector is already included in the machine. This makes it convenient to charge the device at any time as you do not have to look for a connection. Rechargeable batteries also make the device an economical option as you do not have to spend a lot of money in the long run.
  • Location tracking – The high end radar detector models are equipped with a compass to track the direction in which you are driving. This works well for the people who are new to a place and have little idea of roads and traffic of the place.
  • Undetectability – One of the best and reliable acid test for a perfect radar detector is when it catches all sorts of warning signals without leaking any of the signal itself. The device should go undetected else it is of little use. So, before buying a radar detector, look for the undetectablility of the device.

Thus, these were some of the handpicked features of the best radar detector 2018. We hope they have proved to be of some help to you to make a decision.


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