Facial tightening treatments to erase wrinkles


Sagging is one of the most common problems of the face, a consequence of changes in weight and age. It may seem that there is nothing we can do, but nothing is further from reality. Thanks to techniques such as facial tension we can recover the firmness and smoothness of the muscles of the face. There are several ways to achieve this goal of facial treatment, for example with tension threads, or also through different techniques involving surgery. Whatever the modality chose, the objective is to make the muscles tense and put in place, in this way the skin will also be smoothed, and wrinkles will disappear.

The ideal skin does not exist; we always have small (or big) problems that take us away from that ideal skin, luminous but matt, uniform and healthy. Dry skin may peel, producing itching and irritation. On the other hand, oily skin causes a careless appearance, full of shine and spoils the makeup, in which case the ‘oil free’ products are indicated. In addition, one of the most common problems of oily skin is the tendency to develop acne or pimples due to the accumulation of sebum. It is a complication more than usual and can cause problems, so we must take special care when choosing the products we use to make up or to perform our facial treatment.

The fight against wrinkles is difficult to win, so we must resort to all possibilities within our reach. The best way to prevent the appearance of wrinkles is prevention, with a daily facial care that allows us to treat the skin properly.

Techniques to tighten the skin and eliminate flaccidity

As for the tension threads, they are one of the most popular treatments currently. Thin absorbable and invisible threads are introduced, after applying local anaesthesia, and the threads are responsible for pulling the muscles, smoothing the skin. They have effect for months or years and can be replaced. As for other alternatives, you can resort to the injection of hyaluronic acid to achieve the same effect. It is grafted and produces a stimulation of the fibroblasts, increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Its effects are visible very quickly, in a few minutes there is a great improvement and over the weeks it intensifies, lasts about nine months.

Both options are effective and are not incompatible; they can be complemented to enhance their effects. Of course, the best way to avoid having to resort to these treatments is to perform a proper facial care, with a daily cleaning to help remove impurities, masks to recover the skin, facial massages to stimulate the muscles of the face and make They are firmer and specialized tensioning creams

Things we do about facial treatment

Whatever the method used for the facial treatment, do not forget that the skin of the face is very delicate, so it is important that the products used are appropriate to the type of skin, and not abuse the peels. In addition, you have to hydrate the face well after each treatment and take a proper facial care in all aspects to complement the exfoliations. Most women think that washing their face is something so basic that it can be done without help or advice, which is more than enough with soap and water. But with all the options on the market – such as lotions, body kinds of milk, foams, oils, etc. – it becomes more complicated to get the right facial cleansing. It is necessary to know some tricks that you probably did not know to get your skin radiant.

Facial treatment step by step

  1. Remove makeup before washing your face. It seems so obvious that it scares, but many women skip this important first step. It is necessary to remove all traces of makeup before washing the face. Many cleaning products cannot remove the concealer or base.
  2. Wash your face twice a day. Once is not enough. You will have to wash your face every morning as soon as you wake up and again before getting into bed. If you wash more than you can cause irritation on the skin, twice is appropriate. If you had very dry or sensitive skin, then it is best to do it only once a day: at night.
  3. Close your pores. It is necessary to close your pores to have healthy skin, only in this way you can avoid problems of oily skin, redness or pimples. You will have to massage the face in the form of circles or wash it with cold water. But remember that extreme cold or too hot can cause redness.
  4. Use a good cleaner. No matter what type of skin you have, you can surely find a product that works well with the skin of your face. It is important that the product does not have fragrance since it could irritate you. If you have dry skin you will need a specific product so that you do not dry out more than necessary, and if you have fat, the products with foam in the wash can go very well.
  5. Exfoliate your face once a week. It is important that you exfoliate your face at least once a week so that you avoid the outbreaks of acne. You can alternate with regular washing.

These fibres are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Within our skin, the cells responsible for manufacturing the collagen and elastin fibres are called fibroblasts, so any anti-ageing facial treatment should be responsible for feeding these cells more of these substances. While elastin is the fibres that give the base of the structure, collagen is responsible for coating these fibres and makes them resistant, so that ultimately collagen is the main responsible for the firmness of the skin. So what do you think, do you want a facial treatment- the best one, look no further, Singapore has a lot for you.


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