Enjoy Comfort And Luxury: Riverfront Former Rio Casa Enbloc


To have a house of their own is the dream of every individual but to possess a home of dreams is truly heaven on earth. Each one of us must have fantasized about a perfect home that we would love to live in and some of us must also have made efforts to find one. Checking brochures of various residential properties and construction companies must have become a routine activity for many of us. But are we able to succeed in our endeavor? No, right! The companies keep on repeating fabricated words, promising to ensure us a property of our dreams but the reality looks far away from reaching our dreams.

Well, you don’t have to compromise with your desires anymore for the riverfront residences bring to you a property that looks dreamlike yet is real. A property that vows to fulfill all your desires about your dream home. The Riverfront Former Rio Casa Enbloc is a complex meant for the purpose of turning it into residential apartment. The property is getting popular with each passing day in Singapore because of the state of the art apartments and the locality it is situated in.

Details about the property

The property belongs to Oxley-Liang-Beng venture who won the rights to it by means of an auction sale. The holding company is a joint venture real estate and other investment companies having base in Singapore. The major stakeholder in the project is a company that spealizes in building industrial, residential and other commercial projects which justifies the quality designing and finish of the riverfront residences.

Why should you consider investing?

Imagine waking up to a view of sungei serangoon. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Well, by investing in riverfront residential property one can turn this dream into a reality. The apartments guarantee a lush view of the river which looks ethereal during any time of the day. Apart from this, the property also guarantees some of the most exquisite features which make it a priority of anyone looking for a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle.

  • Perfect location – Getting a home of your dreams is possible but living in your dream house in some isolated part of the country with absolutely no facilities around you. It might sound like a perfect plan for a comfortable holiday stay but is not the smartest idea if you are a working person and have kids who have to be educated.

Well, riverfront residential plans seek to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle that is equipped with all the facilities. The apartments are located centrally to as many amenities as possible. The hougang mall and the midtown are at a walking distance from the property. One does not even have to worry about looking for a suitable conveyance for commuting in the city for the bus station and the rail stations including MRT are just few steps away.

  • Shop it all – The property also caters to the other requirements of the people as well. Hougang mall, the midtown, kang kar mall are nearby to the riverfront residences which ensure that you don’t have to worry finding an ice cream vendor even at midnight. The shopping centres situated nearby to the property are the prime shopping complexes in the city which makes sure that one gets all the necessities and luxuries all at one place.
  • Schooling facilities – Another major requirement in the locality which is being taken care of is the schools near to the residential property. Some of the prominent schools of Singapore are located at one hand’s distance from your dream house. This ensures that your kids will be able to acquire quality education without you having to worry about travelling long distance to pick and drop them.
  • Other facilities – In addition to this, the Riverfront Former Rio Casa Enbloc is equipped with other facilities as well to ensure that one enjoys luxury with comfort too. The property has an indoor gym so you don’t have run around the city for a membership, a club house to help you cherish moments with your loved ones, a golf course, a tennis court, function rooms, a swimming pool which are designed keeping your health and fitness requirement in mind. The property also boasts of a long list of other facilities that will make your life as comfortable as possible.

Apart from the comfort and amenities that the residential property guarantees, the one feature that distinguishes it from other properties is the perfect blend of nature with modernity. The apartment cherishes the natural beauty of the place and offers a view that one won’t forget for a long time. The state of the art interiors, lush exteriors and comforts and amenities offered by the developers all make it a best choice for a perfect house.


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