Donna Summer’s net worth, success story, career, and achievements

Donna Summer's net worth, career

Her given name was LaDonna Adrian Gaines. However, she was known to most as Donna Summer. And perhaps one of the most famous figures in the world of disco music. Donna served as a singer, songwriter, pianist, and actress. From the parish choir where she sang as a child, her powerful voice moved millions of people. Around the planet until 2012, when she passed away from lung cancer. Don’t stop reading Donna Summer’s Net worth and complete biography!

Donna Summer’s Biography

Donna Summer was born in the musical city of Boston, Massachusetts. The daughter of a butcher and a teacher with deep Christian convictions. In this way, in the parish choir, she attended. She began to shine with her exceptional voice at the age of ten. Encouraged by the contagious rhythms of gospel and soul.

When he moved to New York with his family, he met members of the rock band Crow. A group of which he was a part. And with which he was successful enough to survive in the Big Apple. Later, the singer auditioned for the musical Hair, for which, although she was not selected, she received a contract to tour Europe.

Between 1968 and 1973, he toured much of the European continent, participating in musicals with the Family Tree group.  In addition, he recorded his first singles Polydor, Sally Go Round the Roses, and If You Walkin ‘Alone.

During this stage, she settled in Munich for three years, where she met who would become her first husband, Helmut Sommer. As a product of this union, their first daughter was born, whom they named Mimi Sommer. In 1978, the “queen of disco” ventured into the seventh art after participating as an actress in the musical film Thanked God It’s Friday. A film that won an Oscar for best song and a Grammy, with Last Dance.

Donna Summer: a long road to success

Donna Summer's net worth, bio

Lady Of The Night, Donna Summer’s worldwide hit in 1974, was the first song she recorded. And, in turn, produced, with the collaboration of musicians and producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. This trio, for a time, became very popular with the Groovy Records label.

During her stay in Europe, another of Donna’s productions was the controversial Love To Love You Baby,  which was banned from several stations, including the BBC, for being considered a subject of high erotic content. Nevertheless, it remained for weeks in the first lists. Its version for the United States lasted 17 minutes, turning Donna into the pioneer of the maxi-single. A single that contains between three and five songs when the usual is two (one for each side of the vinyl).

Other songs such as I Feel Love, Once Upon A Time and Last Dance became hits positioned at the top of the most important music charts.  And with which Donna displaced Gloria Gaynor as queen of the tracks. However, with the album Live and More and the ballad MacArthur Park, he stayed in the first place. And thanks to which he sold more than a million copies, which made him get his first platinum record.

One of the collaborations that gave him the most recognition in the history of modern music. Throughout his career was that with fellow singer Barbra Streisand, performing No More tears (Enough is enough).  However, despite the powerful influence of this theme, the single was recorded separately and was never performed together.

Convinced that she did not want to be recognized as a “diva” and recovering from a period of depression, Donna broke business relations with the record company Casablanca Records and signed with the newly created production company Geffen Records. With this label, he released The Wanderer  (1980), a promotional single for the album of the same name, whose success was immediate.

This record work is categorized in rock, pop-rock, new wave, and pop, marking a change in style Donna Summer. She did not miss the opportunity to also release several themes of feminist topics, including She Works Hard For The Money. By the early 1980s, the artist teamed up with the successful Quincy Jones and produced insurmountable songs like Love Is In Control and the State Of Independence.

Musical tours

It was through several European and Latin American countries, Donna faced some social conflicts due to a misunderstanding in which certain homophobic comments were attributed to her, a problem for which your image suffered repercussions. In her defense, the so-called “disco queen” denied being the author of these comments, claiming to respect all lifestyles.

With the help of the SAW trio and with the conviction to enhance her figure as a singer. Donna released the album Another Place And Time (1989), which included the song This Time I Know It’s For Real. After several disagreements with the filmmakers, the single was finally released in the United States and became their 12th gold single.

By the 90s, Donna Summer established herself as a world star and published some relevant songs. Such as the techno-disc version of I Will Go With You. Likewise, he participated in the Viña del Mar International Festival and obtained roles in some television series, reinforcing his acting streak and becoming an enviable musical figure for his voice.

Donna Summer’s Net worth

Donna Summer’s Net worth is around 76 million dollars.

Come back

After long absences and sporadic appearances, in 2008, Donna Summer released her latest album, Crayons, an experimental album of the Caribbean and Latin American rhythms that became one of the most listened to. However, it was in 2011 that her last song, To Paris With Love, was heard.

Donna Summer recorded her name on the Dance Music Walk of Fame. Throughout her career, she earned numerous accolades such as gold, silver, and platinum records, Grammy Awards and American Music Awards, and her star on the Hollywood Walk. Adding millions of followers in the world.

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