Detox Drinks – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Detoxing


As time goes by you start to feel unusual changes in your body and you decided that you need detoxing, but another inner voice within you is stopping you from making that decision. Every now and then you keep telling yourself detoxing is the best option but you end up getting confused all the time. The idea of detoxing comes into people’s mind when they start feeling less energetic, bloated and that good feeling is completely lost.

So How Does Detoxing Work?

Detox, also called cleanse is an attempt to remove or flush out any waste, toxic or unwanted substance from your body. This is to prevent unwanted substances from attacking your body cells or cause harmful reactions in the body.  You can detox your body by either taking a detox pill or using other supplements, or by planning a healthier detox diets, and sometimes by restricting only to particular diets, even though some experts condemn restricting diets because insufficient nutrients to your body will not do you any good. Some detox pills sold in the market target a specific organ, some are designed to cleanse you colon while some are designed to detox only your liver. Let’s know whether detox drinks for drug test do work.

Know What Kind Of the Drug Test You Will Take

By far, most common kind of the drug test is urine analysis. And this test is done privately at a workplace (and you’re given the test strip and then sent to bathroom), and employers will send you to third party lab for submitting the urine sample, in that case test will get monitored by the lab employee. Even though less common, some employers use blood, hair, or saliva testing for detecting presence of the drugs in the system.

Know What Kind Of the Drugs Are Been Tested For

Marijuana—CBD, THC, tincture, oils, and, edibles—all can get detected on the drug test. So it is very important for you to know whether detox drinks for drug test do work. Some other drugs, which are often tested include: amphetamines, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), opiates, barbiturates, MDMA, propoxyphene and benzodiazepines.

How Long Does Marijuana Stays In System

Like you already know, everybody reacts in a different way to the marijuana use. Some of the main factors will include you last partook, potency, body fat, metabolism and weight. Suppose you are the regular user, then marijuana will stay in the blood and the urine for 90 days after the usage. On an average, most of the people in the good health will generally get clean within 30 to 45 days. Suppose you smoked once on weekend with friend, for instance, pot will be out of the system in two days, though on an average it will take over 10 days. Other drugs will stay in the system for some days up to month in the extreme cases.

The hair tests will detect THC as well as other substances in the body and hair for several months or years after the usage, depending on test—though most of the labs take 1.5inch sample of hair that detects the usage back 90days.

Benefits Of Detoxing

  • Detox helps to improve liver and kidney performance
  • It increase your productivity and vitality
  • It aid the process of weight loss
  • It strengthen the immune system
  • You’ll have a healthier mind

Disadvantages Of Detoxing

  • Consumption of detox pills or planning detox diet can cause some problems in your body, before the system adjusts. You can experience bloating or diarrhea before the body adapts.
  • Detox pills are not a good option for pregnant women, children and people with severe health conditions. Detox pills can interfere in situations like these and can produce negative effects in the body.
  • Detox pills don’t produce long term results, they’re short term. You have to consume the pills from time to time, but as we all know much intake of drugs in the body is not a good idea.
  • Up till now there a lot of medical experts that believed detox pills are not effective in removing body toxins, they believe the body has its own system that’s responsible for the removal of excess and unwanted products from our body.

Detox Pills – Do They Actually Work

In the nutrition industry everyone has his opinion. Anything can be proven right or wrong. There seems to be few evidences proving the effectiveness of detox pills and detox supplements, but one thing for sure is that detox pills can speed up the process of detoxing so you need to check out if detox drinks for drug test do work. The only problem is finding a good detox pill or detox diet that works in the long run.  Most products offer cleansing benefits that might not be true. They present fake testimonials in order to make you pullout your credit card. It’s not all of them that are bad, but if you can find the right products more especially herbal products you can definitely remove excess toxins from your body.


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