Kanye West Tells Taylor Swift, Matt Lauer, Critics Like It Is In Concert Rant


Kanye West, after a performance of his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album LIVE, felt an urge to tell a few people like it is live on stage during his concert performance.

Starting with his music critics, Kanye slams their poor expectations and predictions that would “never make music again” saying with no number 1 record, no radio singles, “they” had to re-order his album which reached 100k digital downloads the first day. The rapper also mentioned his predictions to sell 600k the first week.

West claims that this proves, that there are still people out there who want him to continue making music.

Then Kanye West has some words about “Today” show host Matt Lauer. West says to his audience the guy that he claimed “exploited” him during his recent appearance on the morning news show, is “not a bad guy” he’s sure.

Then referring to his rant about President Bush, the rapper says he was considered a racist for “stating an obvious truth.”

Following this, the rapper, producer and businessman referred to his incident with Taylor Swift saying that “Taylor never came to my defence in an interview” and “rode the wave.”

Kanye West later claimed that media exploited them the same that they exploited him because of his popularity, because everyone loves to find a villain.

As the rapper spoke, the crowd could be heard in the videotaped rant, cheering Kanye as he addressed the issues live.

Kanye West ended on a “thank you” to all his friends, family and fans who came to see and support him.

Special guests reportedly at Kanye West’s concert performance that night were Nicki Minaj, John Legend, Rick Ross and others.


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