Coffee Stain on Carpet? Relax! It’s time for a magic wand to clean it up!


How often have you gone crazy when your toddler or your big kid(your spouse) had spilled coffee or aerated drinks on your beautiful cashmere carpet or high-end fluffy expensive rug right in the middle of your living room. You may feel exhausted if you do not have the right electronic appliance in place that is vacuum cleaner. KeuzeHelper saves you time and energy by giving you a consolidated list of best vacuum cleaner in today’s market.

Art of Cleaning Your Rug like Pro!

Now you can also clean like a professional cleaner if you know the right technique and appliance.

  • If you got a small spill of any soft drinks or any other beverage on the carpet, quick action is essential. Usually, a terry cloth towel soaks up all the strains from the spot, and a heavy solution cleaning spray removes the rest of the residues.
  • However, in the case of large spills, extra clean-up techniques should be used in order to eradicate the stain. Initially as like the small strain, place a terry cloth or cleaning sponge as soon as possible over the strain and let it soak in it thoroughly.
  • Next, use a heavy-duty carpet cleaner solution and pour it precisely in the stained area, and let it set for 10-15 mins depending upon the depth of the strain.
  • Rubbing hard may not make the stain go away quickly, thus use a steam cleaner in these scenarios to quickly get results. A good steam cleaner will be gentle on the fabric without ripping it off but gives a deeper cleaning solution. This leaves your carpet fresh and soft. Some additional attachments in vacuum cleaners come with an extra nozzle which helps to make your carpet dry faster on focusing on a particular stained area.

Your Weekend Car Cleaning Companion

Why spend on dollars and waste your time for your turn to get your car cleaned up in any car spa which can be quickly done at home with the help of a hand-held vacuum cleaner. It not only saves you money on regular cleaning but also saves your time.

  • Choose an easy to handle, compact sized portable vacuum with an extendable hose which helps to reach every corner of your car. It does not needs to be a high-end model, but good suction power is sufficient to pull all the dust and mites that are build-up over the time.
  • Wet/Dry vacuum is your best bet when coming to clean your car like a professional.
  • After setting your car ready to lean like removing all the trash, carpets, start by vacuuming the floor area of the vehicle. Use a brush attachment that comes with every vacuum cleaner. The use of brush helps to pull out any tiny dirt as it sweeps through your car carpet giving it a thorough clean-up without leaving behind any residue.
  • Go over your car’s upholstery by moving your vacuum over the seat front and seat backs and the hand area. Remove your floor mats from the car and vacuum it separately. Vacuuming also helps to fluff up the fibre from the carpets. In case of heavy spills or old strains, use a heavy-duty stain remover and let it soak it for some time and then thoroughly clean it off and air dry by setting a high suction speed from the vacuum.
  • Dashboards and your touchscreen display and your AC vents are one of those where regular dusting will further push the loose dust inside the vent or leaves a residue. Vacuuming them is the best solution to clean up the dashboards, AC vents without leaving behind any small dirt and debris. However, with a gentle back and forth stroke set the speed of the vacuum in a low to a medium setting as the touchscreen is delicate to high speed suctions.
  • The vacuum comes in handy when it is the time to clean up your trunk. It is easy to clean the trunk area with a high-speed vacuum which removes the dust, beach sands at a faster rate. Since it the most widely used space to store all your dirty shoes or sporting accessories or beach toys or camping equipment, keeping them spic and clean is essential. KeuzeHelper recommends various hand-held vacuum cleaners which give precise technical information to choose a vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Foe to Allergies and Friend to Healthy living

Vacuums are the best-known lifesaver for those who have in-tolerance to dust and other debris. Many kinds of research had found that the dust and allergies are inter-related to each other and thus they are mostly found inside the home than outside surrounding. Therefore, it is essential to keep our home dust and mould-free to get a healthy breathing air. Regular vacuuming the house helps to keep the pet allergies at bay by effectively cleaning the pet hairs which may be all over the bed and sofa. Apart from seasonal allergies like pollen, these allergies induce the wheezing and not suitable for asthma patient or any other people who have a known respiratory medical condition.

Thus, choose a vacuum cleaner that suits your need. Some come with a bag and bagless option as well. In general, if a vacuum cleaner comes with various size attachment, then it will be useful to clean more difficult areas like the wooden blinds, in between sofa seats, unreachable spots like behind the concealed entertainment units and much more places from ceiling to floor. There is also a cordless model which are useful while out in camping ground or anywhere outside the home. Also, in any type of vacuum machine, the filter is an essential factor which makes the vacuum to do its function more effectively. Typically, in regular use of the vacuum, a filter can be replaced every 6 to 12 months’ time. KeuzeHelper impresses its visitors by providing them with an ocean of information related to vacuum and its main features. Be informed and take a viable decision from these best vacuuming machines.


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