Caught on Tape: Rapper Paul Wall Beats Fan With Mic On Stage With Slim Thug


Seems like rapper Paul Wall was in a seriously bad mood during a car show concert in Texas when a concert-goer from the crowd allegedly flipped him off with the finger. What did Paul Wall do after the fan allegedly gave him the finger — he allegedly beat the fan with his microphone and the whole incident was caught on tape.

Paul Wall can be seen in the video, obtained by TMZ, performing on stage with rapper Slim Thug when Paul Wall can be seen leaning over apparently having some words with a concert-goer who at some point gave the rapper the finger, and that’s when the mic starting flying.

Paul Wall can be seen swinging the microphone again and again but from the angle of the camera, there’s little to see besides Paul Wall swinging.

The incident apparently happened on Sunday night at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio, Texas.

As of yet, there have been no reports of charges filed and the concert-goer was allegedly removed from the show.


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