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Justin Beiber Not Happy With S.978 Bill

Justin Beiber comments on Senator Amy Klobuchar and S.978 Bill! As we all know Justine Beiber originally came to be, with the help of YouTube. And now the S.978 Bill just might be putting a stop to all upcoming YouTube…

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MC Hammer Speaks About Occupy Oakland Arrests

Oakland, California native MC Hammer has spoken out against the police’s treatment of protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland. According to reports, a number of demonstrators and police were involved in skirmishes near Frank Ogala Plaza at…

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50 Cent Releases PSA & Promises To Make A Difference

G-Unit’s general released a PSA through his website, announcing that he “will make a difference and no one is going to stop me.” This weekend, 50 Cent released a statement explaining that he plans to make a difference. “People don’t…

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