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Lil’ Kim Releases New Promotional Shot

Queen B set the tone ready for the New Year with a “preview of what’s to come.” Lil’ Kim is already prepping for 2012, taking to Twitter last night to unveil a promotional shot for one of her upcoming projects.

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New Planet Kepler 22b Sparks A Hope Of Life Beyond Earth

NASA’s Kepler space telescope discovered a new planet that has Earth-like characteristics -circling a yellow star similar to Earth’s sun and 600 light years away. The most important thing about this world, called Kepler-22b for now, is that it’s in…

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Baby Got Back!

Rocsi Talks About Webbie Incident

Rocsi Diaz, co-host of BET’s 106 & Park, discussed a recent incident with Webbie, who has been banned from 106 & Park. Webbie was permanently banned from the TV network after he appeared on 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday” segment…

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Hip Hop

40 Glock Touches up on Rosemo 700’s Death

G-Unit Artist “40 Glocc” talks with Futuristic Blogger about the Life and Death of Rosemo 700. Bricksqaud affiliated Rosemo 700 was killed earlier this month in Los Angeles after posting videos on the Internet Beefing and fighting with several other…

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Trina Spends Thanksgiving with Friends and Fans

Trina celebrated Thanksgiving with a crowd full of fans and friends while performing live in Fort Lauderdale. She was sporting a star studded full body fitted suit, which showed her curvy shape with see through sides and crystals around the…

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France Has Banned Rihanna’s Music Video

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video has been found to be to risqué for French television. The video was filmed in Belfast and Bangor and does feature a bit of nudity which you would think would be a problem in the…

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